Ever since I was a kid, I have been surrounded by various businesses. But there always seemed to be a problem. I worked for a relative at his startup. That business failed. I watched friends start their own small businesses that failed. I’ve been an investor and been a part of business pitches that have failed. And I even dabbled in multi-level marketing businesses. Yup, failed. All of these failures had some commonalities, however. Namely, the individual(s) who started the business (including myself) all had some sort of disadvantage or limiting factor. But this story has a great ending . . .

As a result of being exposed to businesses, I have learned what it takes to start and manage a successful business. And now – I live, practice, study, and teach business. After much success, I have come to a few realizations:

~ The current environment has never been better for you to start a business.

~ Frankly, it’s imperative now more than ever.

~ But maybe society has told you that it is too hard or impossible because of your gender, age, race, veteran status, disability or other characterization.

~ I’m here to tell you that you can be successful at it despite any obstacles, roadblocks, hurdles or what others think.linkedin

~ I’m passionate about helping individuals with diverse backgrounds to start and/or scale their business.

~ Let me help you get there.

~ I am Peter James. The Minority Coach.